Headteacher’s Welcome


On behalf of our staff, governors, friends and families, I would like to warmly welcome you to St Helen’s Catholic Primary School. We are a thriving school in the heart of Brixton, with a community where many have travelled from far and wide to be part of our family. Our values and ethos are based on our aim to provide a high-quality education for our children rooted in Gospel values. We are a happy, enthusiastic and energetic community of learners and we do our best to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment which supports our children to thrive and develop their own unique interests and talents.


At St Helen’s we work hard to ensure our pupils are educated in an environment where all God’s children are valued and it is of our highest priority. As a school we strive to promote equality and celebrate diversity in all its forms and we seek to ensure provision across the school meets the needs and interests of our learners, our families and the community we serve. We do this by trying to ensure our curriculum fully reflects the rich multicultural diversity that makes our school so special and unique.


As a school we also work hard to ensure our outcomes reflect the strong attainment and achievement we know the children are capable of as part of our moral duty to achieve social justice for our pupils. We believe our children have just as much talent and potential as other children, in spite of the multiple barriers, in and out of school some may face. We believe our children and our families deserve our best efforts to make St Helen’s a school that really does makes a difference. Our children are our most important visitors to our school and we want it to be a place where everyone can belong, believe and achieve to their fullest potential in their time here.


I do hope you enjoy your visit to our school website and you find the information you are looking for. Please feel free to contact us directly with any queries you may have or use the online form in the Contact Us section. We look forward to hearing from you.

Paper copies of information on our school’s website are also available free of charge from the school office although as an eco-friendly school we would prefer to e-mail documents where an e-mail address has been provided.


Thank you for visiting. 


Adrian Le Cuirot

Children’s Welcome


Welcome to our wonderful school!

At our school, the teachers enthusiastically prepare high quality lessons which help us as the children to reach our full potential. We have a broad variety of extra curriculum activities for children to participate in. Some of the most recent activities include: cooking sessions with “Cook School” to support the “Eat Them to Defeat Them” initiative, sporting events, WE day and Maths puzzle challenges provided by the Puzzle Company.


As a Catholic school, we are provided with a neighbouring church which we occasionally attend for important events and feast days with the community. We have a gospel choir, where the children can embrace their voices and follow in the ways of Jesus Christ.


In order for us to excel, we are supported by responsible and trust worthy adults that build positive relationships with us. We require our adults to lead by example to be organised, helpful, happy, assisting, respectful, committed and show understanding. 


If you would like to find out more you can call the school, or even better pay us a visit and we will welcome you and give you a grand tour of St Helen’s where you can see us working together as a school family where we are all able to belong, believe and achieve together.


We look forward to meeting you.


St Helen’s School Council