St Helen's Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

At St Helen's Catholic Primary School, we believe we all belong to God’s family and we are all precious to Him. We believe every child is unique, talented and made in God’s image. We believe God has plans for each and every member of our school community. Therefore, we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is both nurturing and engaging, as well as progressive, well sequenced and connected through a thematic approach across subjects. This will support the children to develop the knowledge and skills needed to discover and develop their varied gifts and talents, helping them to fulfil the plans that God has for them. As a result, our curriculum is ambitious. It is continually evolving to ensure it is inclusively diverse, providing the opportunities for all of our children to maximize their potential as they also grow in faith as responsible, caring and loving members of our inclusive Catholic community who will go on to make a positive contribution to society as well as make safe, healthy and well-informed lifestyle choices.



• Engage children through interesting topics and hands-on activities helping them to realise and develop their gifts and talents.

• Make meaningful links between subjects.

• Develop children’s skills, knowledge and understanding of a range of themes and concepts.

• Make effective connections to the real world.

• Help children to think creatively and solve problems.

• Develop children’s capacities to work independently and collaboratively.

• Enable children to make choices about their learning.

• Take account of children’s interests and fascinations.


Our Approach

• develops children to the best of their abilities

• helps children to find their passions and interests

• facilitates children’s acquisition of knowledge, skills and understanding

• helps children to develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically, morally and spiritually

• assists children in becoming independent, responsible, useful, confident and considerate members of the community

• promotes a positive attitude towards learning, so children enjoy coming to school

• helps children to acquire a solid basis for lifelong learning

• creates and maintains an exciting and stimulating learning environment

• ensures that each child’s education has continuity and progression

• enables children to contribute positively within a culturally diverse society.


Our Curriculum

St Helen's Curriculum Intent Document (2023-2024)

St Helen's Safeguarding Curriculum

National Curriculum Information for Parents