School Journey October 2022

Day 5 and home

So Beyoncé was the request this morning-all the single ladies- up packed and out to breakfast all by 8:30! Breakfast as usual with croissants- then quick trip to the souvenir shop and off to our last activity-low ropes. We have all done everything now-we have climbed, built, smelt, solved, balanced, danced and generally tired ourselves out.

lunch then coach and what a coach -we have a tour bus to travel home on!! Funky lighting and ultimate comfort. We just have the M4 to navigate and we will be home hopefully around 3:15.

we have had a fabulous time and are exhausted but happy.

Not the only school but the best!!!!!

thank you for your children

 Until next time…
love from
Miss B, Ms De Villiers, Mr Paz and Mr Taggart.

Day 4- School Journey October 2022

Well the last full day has been and gone- in a flash.

Up early with in my opinion a wonderful rendition of “I will survive” - I am not sure the children appreciated the lyrics!

Each morning one of the girls rooms has made me look out of the window at the glorious sunrise- each morning they have been orange and red. This morning I was dragged to the window with- “Miss - Look out of the window- you can’t see anything!!!” I mean they were right, the fields were covered in mist. It didn’t stop the early football though- it did however stop half the class who decided half an hour extra in bed was a better idea.

Off to the field I went.

Breakfast this morning was a hit obviously cereal and toast but this morning boiled eggs too. After eating our way through a pile of eggs and about 6000 loaves we were off to our first activity. 

Bushcraft- learning what to do if stuck out in the wild. We had built dens earlier this week but this time we were building a waterproof shelter and looking for things that could actually help us survive. We learned that you can only survive 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food and that acorns boiled in water make a tasty drink. Oh and don’t let any of them cook when they get home because apparently nettle and wild garlic soup is delicious! (We didn’t try it just had the recipe for it-thank goodness)

After break we headed into the basement of the house to our very own ‘escape room’. We needed to solve clues and riddles in order to gain our freedom- the key was to work as a team. We found letters and solved anagrams. We found codes to open locked boxes. We even solved a code word puzzle, eventually gaining our freedom in less than an hour, which was lucky or we would still be stuck down there.

Lunchtime came around too quickly and after sausage rolls, beans, salad, pasta and all the other things that were on offer we headed back out for some free time. Some decided chilling in the house was the best option, others played on the field.

The afternoon activities started with Hoverboarding. Well that is a lot harder than it looks. Getting on to the board was easy- getting the board to travel forward and not just spin was not so easy. Eventually we all stopped spinning around like ballerinas and began to understand how tiny movements have big effects. Some got the hang really quickly and luckily there were few falls and no injuries. I can recommend knee pads, elbow pads and helmets though should you wish to try hoverboarding as this was what saved us.

A quick break and off to the last activity of the day and one of the firm favourites- Archery. Robin Hood is nothing compared to St Helens Year 6!. Learning how to hold a bow, load the arrow,  fire at a target and hit the bullseye takes a lot of skill. Doing it safely is important and the children acted with the utmost care and focus. No worms were skewered by arrows too low and no pigeons were in peril with aims that were too high. Everyone hit the target at least once- some of us even got the centre circle with our first arrow (that was me- just in case you didn’t guess)

Now came the most important time of the day, no the week, no I think the century. It was time to get ready for the disco. Clothes appeared from nowhere, grubby trainers disappeared and there is a rumour teeth were given an extra clean. Looking gorgeous and smelling great we headed off to dinner before the main event.

Fish and chips with profiteroles for dessert. 

Completely full we waddled off. WE stopped for a short while as one of the children spotted a small bird flying overhead- it wasn’t a small bird it was 2 small bats. We watched for awhile as they flew about catching flies for tea. Then it was on to ‘the dome’. By day a sports hall, by night a sports hall but with lots of disco lights and loud music. Shakira, Billie Elish and Neil Diamond all appeared on the play list and the children danced- yes all of them danced. I have never had an entire class of year 6 children dance without having to cajole or encourage at least 2 children off chairs and on to the dance floor. What started as a dance battle ended as a large circle of children cheering each other on.

Tired and with our ears ringing ( I think this was just mine) we headed off to the house and bed.

We have one activity left to do tomorrow and then we will be saying goodbye to Grittleton and heading back to Brixton.

I cannot tell you how proud we are of the children this week. We have all lived together in the same house and played together in the same field. We have laughed a lot and argued little. We have not been the only school here but we have definitely been the best and with the best manners. This is not my opinion but that of the staff here from the team leaders to the chef. All have complimented us on the children- their behaviour, their manners, their beautiful personalities and their polite conversation.

Once again thank you for lending us your children and we will see you tomorrow- hopefully around 2:30, depending on the traffic.


Love from Miss B, Ms DeVilliers, Mr Paz (the card magician) and Mr Taggart.

Day Three- School Journey 2022


Today started like many others on school journey by me gently waking the children from their sleep- Actually I sing them awake with my best and loudest singing- I even do requests. 
This morning was different though I went up to one of the boys rooms- No boys!!!! They were all hiding, waiting for me to go in and sing to them and as I entered they jumped out and started singing to me!!! A song they had made up themselves!! So lovely (I mean I would have preferred something by Katy Perry but beggars can’t be choosers)

The day started with half of the children wanting to go out on the field and play football before breakfast and the other half preferring to stay in the warmth until breakfast.
Off to breakfast- sausages were on the menu this morning as well as toast/ bread and cereals. After they had had their fill it was off to the activities.
Water rolling was up first with children running in what can only be described as a giant hamster wheel on a giant paddling pool. The laughter that comes from out of the water rollers is second to none. It is so infectious you can’t help but smile.
Break time then off to activity number 2- Aeroball, as if our muscles weren’t aching enough after the water rollers they got to bounce up and down on a trampoline throwing balls into goals for an hour or more.
Before we knew what was happening it was Lunchtime. Soup and baguettes with ham and cheese. Lots of the children liked the soup- not sure whether it was because it was delicious or because they “got to make it fancy” by adding a swirl of cream and some chopped parsley! One of the children chatted in Polish to some of the kitchen staff and thanked them for their lovely soup and in return was told that we were a ’super’ school with ’super’ children.

After lunch came a short break where we played football, hunted bugs, filled our pockets with acorns and made Miss B and Ms DeVilliers sniff more pine cones. “because they smell like Christmas trees”, than Miss B or Ms DeVilliers really wanted to!!!

The afternoon then began in earnest. The Sensory adventure was a fun activity- it began by taking off our shoes, being blindfolded and using our other senses to try to find our shoes again!!! I cannot tell you how many children decided to sniff the shoes before someone said “oh mine has velcro I dont need to sniff it” Then suddenly we all started using our sense of touch, more than our sense of smell!

The cube was the last activity of the day- we were set challenges and each team had to choose the 2 people they thought would be able to complete the challenge the best. It turns out some of your children are amazing at sorting balls one handed into washing baskets in under a minute.
What a day- exhausted we retired to our rooms for a quick change ready for campfire and then off to dinner. (Have I mentioned a lot of the day revolves around food times?)
Dinner was curry and rice or in the words of one of the children “the most delicious pasta I have ever eaten- do you think if I say that they will let me have more?”
Dinner over and tummies full it was off to our campfire. Sitting singing, telling jokes and the ultimate- toasting marshmallows. I had forgotten how sticky hot marshmallows can be.
The end of another successful day on School Journey.
Happy children, exhausted children, full children all returned to their rooms to sleep- and sleep they did. 

Again- we may not be the only school here but we are determined to be the best and today 3 members of staff here complimented us on our manners and said what delightful children we had- All credit to their parents- they make you very proud.
Thank you for lending us your children for this week.
Love from Miss B, Ms DeVilliers, Mr Paz and Mr Taggart

Water rollers

Sensory adventure

Day 2 School Journey 2022


Well, my my my…. Where do we start. So much has happened today.


After a good nights sleep we were up and ready around 7am! 

Desperate to get outside and play football we ventured out. 

What was waiting for us was a chilly but bright morning- Why is the grass white Miss? Well that’s frost!! 

The frost didn’t last for long after 34 sets of feet ran across it.

The children were amazed by the frost and the sunrise was so red.

Breakfast was served at 8:15- cereal, toast, pain au raisins. 

As much as you liked. 

The kitchen staff commented on the manners and the amazing behaviour of the children. 

So like we keep saying- we're not the only school here, but we are the best, with the best manners and the nicest smiles.

First activities of the day included Zorbing- oh My not sure what was the most fun- running headlong into each other whilst in a giant bubble or just getting into the bubble! I kept being reminded of stranded turtles! 

A quick break and then climbing- All harnessed up and it was time to tackle the wall. So attached to a rope they started their ascents. Some managed to get to the top and some managed a couple of metres off the ground. I think that the ones who managed a few metres were equally successful as it takes a lot of course to climb up a vertical wall with only small hand and footholds.


Lunchtime came around- sausage rolls, baked beans, salad, water melon- all gone in a flash!

(There is always bread, cheese, ham and jam at every meal too, so no one ever goes hungry.)


This afternoon activities included more den building, secret missions, climbing and of course frisby golf. After being absolutely worn out and tired it was time for Dinner (feels like everything revolves around food here) Spaghetti bolognese or Mac n cheese- or both if so desired! 

This evenings activity was a night hike in the grounds- thanks to the early sunset at this time of year it is almost dark by 6:30 when we started out. And definitely dark by 7:45 when we finished. We played hide and seek in the woods (about 20 trees but in the dark seemed like 200!) we used our torches to for what they are made for- guiding the way instead of sticking them under our chins and making scary faces and we all crept under a giant Christmas tree.


All that was left was bed! Fast asleep by 9:30, shattered but happy


Thank you for lending us such funny and fun children for our week away it makes it so much easier to love your job.

Miss B, Ms De`Villiers, Mr Paz and Mr Taggart



Day One - Monday 10th October 2022


Here on time and wow- what a house, Ms DeVilliers feels like she is in an episode of Downton Abbey!

The children have been delightful, we started with a walk around the grounds so we could get our bearings and then the all important packed lunch time. Packed lunch was devoured in seconds the fresh air definitely has given them an appetite. 

Good use was made of the fields- Not sure why but give children a large field and the first thing they do is run!!!

After running and rolling down hills (sorry about the washing!) it was time for our first activity.

My group were den building (All I can say is I am not convinced Bear Grills needs to worry!) 

Mr Taggarts  group were on a secret mission with lots of team building activities to complete- Hilarious- I mean hilarious!!!

Ms Devilliers group were Frisby Golfing- Yep you read it right- Frisby golf- Like Golf but with a frisby.

Mr Paz and his group were hoverboarding- Not Mr Paz, just his group which I think we are all grateful for.


Dinner time could not come soon enough- Chicken Nuggets, chips and more salad than you could ever imagine. They have eaten really well and some even had seconds. Every child has eaten lots so no one needs to worry about them coming home starving! If you are worried about your child eating- don't they have and they have eaten well.


Quiz night was our evening today and it was both hilarious and worrying!!- First Question- What is the capital of Finland? The answers ranged from- New Zealand!!!! and  London!!!!!!! Right the way through to the correct answer of Helsinki. One group tried a cheeky answer of F- Love the lateral thinking. Other questions involved sport, music and which was the highest mountain in Great Britain- oh and for everyones information it is Ben Nevis- NOT Mount Everest!

Bed time is best! All were snuggled up and in bed- still a few voices at 10 But all sleeping now- a bit of a record for the first night (10:20) It always gets earlier- they are just too excited to sleep first night.

Of course they are all missing home as much as you are missing them.They are all doing well and are a credit to their families. We may not be the only school here ( there is one other) but we are the best, with the best manners and the nicest smiles.

Thank you for lending us your children for the week

Love from Miss B, Ms DeVilliers, Mr Paz and Mr Taggart.



We arrived safely, ate lunch and are now doing our first activity. 
Some of us are den building, some are on archery adventure, others are hoverboarding and one group has a secret mission.