Curriculum Content

At St Helen's Catholic Primary School, we have adopted the "Cornerstones" approach to ensure our curriculum is broad, balanced and meets the requirements of the national curriculum. This particular approach has been introduced to support a project-based, thematic approach with the aim to provide our children with a range of rich and memorable learning experiences. The Whole School Curriculum Map provides an overview of what each year group is covering over the course of the year, as well as the focus across the different subjects. 




For further details of curriculum content, refer to Parent and Carer Information for each topic alongside Home Learning Ideas.


Our curriculum design gives each year group the opportunity to cover a broad range of themes and subjects. 


For further details of our curriculum approach, refer to St Helen's Catholic Curriculum Approach which can be found on our school website. Paper copies of all information provided on the school's website can also be requested from the school office.

Link to St Helen's Curriculum Content